[Interview] Edouard Meylan, about the Pioneer Chronicles

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We presented recently the Pioneer Chronicles Campaign. Original and maybe a bit controversial, the Pioneer Chronicles intend to make us think at the real reasons why we want a watch. Moreover, it intends to create a lust – the lust for an H. Moser & Cie Pioneer watch. We asked Edouard Meylan two questions about the brand’s campaign.

The Pioneer Chronicles – the H. Moser & Cie awareness strategy

I personally consider the Pioneer Chronicles campaign brilliant. In a series of clips and short articles, H. Moser & Cie takes the “values” usually met in watch commercials and turns them into silly notions. But after a careful consideration, one might notice that those values are used to highlight the best of the Pioneer watches. The Pioneer watch is shown only for some fractions of a second. The brief encounter makes the public wish to see it more. Maybe for a generation or longer… Or associated with stars and sports, or just with simple Swiss values. It creates a lust that can be fulfilled only by the Pioneer watch.

We asked Edouard Meylan, the CEO of the independent brand, what was the outcome of this campaign.

Short questions, short answers – Edouard Meylan

Andrei: The campaign for the Pioneer watches was well received for its originality and message. But the question is: Did it bring the desired attention to the brand and its first sports watch?
Edouard: It did, it helped continue building the Moser fans community around the original core group. This community is a strong relay towards other potential Moser fans as these people are very connected. It’s always difficult to assess the precise impact on sales but our strong growth in the last years and months is to some extent linked to it or at least to our disruptive approach of communication in general.

Andrei: The brand’s approach, in the last years, with the special pieces, made a huge impact in the world of watches and not only. What was the most enjoyable project and why?
Edouard: The launch of the Swiss Mad Watch as many people had told me that it would be very difficult to do something as strong after the Swiss Alp Watch… I think we achieved that. I hope we will do it again in 2019.

The Swiss Mad Watch created some big waves at the beginning of 2017. Some were revolted, some were ecstatic. But certain is, the launch didn’t get unobserved. The idea to bring close the Swiss watchmaking values in an original package, combining the ridiculous and the desirable, became a trademark of the brand.

The Swiss Alp Watch was an innovative marketing concept, and one of the first to put H. Moser & Cie close to the public and raise the brand’s awareness.

I would like to thank Edouard Meylan for the time and the H. Moser & Cie team for images and videos.

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