Swatch partners with The Thyssen Museum

From Amsterdam to Madrid… following its collaboration with the Rijksmuseum earlier this year, Swatch takes its second step in an inspiring journey through art museums of international renown. Three masterpieces from Madrid’s prestigious Thyssen-Bornemisza museum collection were given an unexpected yet respectfully contemporary interpretation, ready to conquer wrists of art lovers all around the world.

Flower power has been a reality for many centuries, serving as a seduction tool and element of decoration. Known as a specialist of flower paintings, Balthasar van der Ast’s “Chinese Vase with Flowers, Shells and Insects” inspired the GRACIOUS BOUQUET watch. A subtle touch of neon around the iconic blue iris revives this Flemish beauty of the 17th century.

In his paintings, founding member of The Blue Rider Franz Marc showed his view of the world, focusing on the permanent pursuit of freedom of expression through a mystic vision and the creation of new symbols. The SLEEPY GARDEN enters the world of “The Dream”, celebrating the signature palette of dégradé colours and giving a unique twist to the lion by making it more “fun” than “run”.

An amazing and enthusing path brought Piet Mondrian from figurative to abstract painting, imposing his style as one of the iconic artists of the 20th century. THE RED SHINY LINE pays tribute to his masterpiece “New York City, 3”, epitomizing one of his signature colours and catalysing all the lines of the world in one.

This inspiring journey of Swatch and Art will soon take another step, with the name of the museum still under wraps.
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