From Rome to Singapore: Introducing the new BVLGARI Singapore ION Boutique

BVLGARI is Rome: sunlight, marbles and ancient buildings. A timeless city that will never be out-of-fashion. Everything started in Via dei Condotti in Rome, house of Bvlgari since 1905. In 2014, in honor of Bvlgari’s 130th anniversary, the Roman flagship store was entirely transformed and restored by the renowned American architect Peter Marino. The result is a wonderful architectural concept that embodies pure Roman style. A timeless yet contemporary vision of Rome.

December 2018: Rome meets Singapore. Following the renovation of the historical Roman flagship, many of the brand’s signature architectural elements have been mirrored and further evolved in the new boutique. Here the design concept by Peter Marino still draws on its Mediterranean origins and Roman traditions while meeting an existing modern building. In a sapient blend of old and new structures, tradition and innovation meets, honoring both the vibrant city life of Singapore and the warm and relaxed soul of the Eternal City.


The first tribute to the Roman DNA of the brand is the outer façade, where the Grand Antique Marble and the White Travertino Navona of the round columns interplays with the giant windows and the iconic Pantheon Mesh (Maglia Pantheon), a bronze-lattice work screen whose design was inspired by the Roman Pantheon’s floor with the additional motif of the iconic Bvlgari eight-pointed star.  Being a journey from Rome to Singapore, the saffron coloured shantung silk adorning the windows, is actually made by two different filaments to reproduce the vibration of a typical sunset in Rome.

On the entrance, as a key element, the eight-pointed star in red porphyry welcome the visitors. The eight lines are symbolic of the four cardinal points (North, South, East, West) and time (two solstices and two equinoxes) and moreover, as per the legend, the star means “Roma Caput Mundi”, meaning that all the routes lead to Rome. In fact, the original star is part of the flooring inside the historic Bvlgari Condotti store in Rome and is a unifying symbol found in all Bvlgari boutiques around the world. The star motif is expanded through all the space becoming the main pattern of  White Travertino Navona in the first room  and also of the Italian walnut parquet.


Entering the store is a discovery, a walk in the city of Rome, kissed by the sunlight, with a central main ambiance, that resembles an open-air promenade or Italian piazza, then opening up the view to other spectacular rooms. The main central area embrace the visitors with an oval counter in light bronzed galvanized iron, inspired by the renowned Italian architect Carlo Scarpa: an invitation to browse the shop and to explore the Bvlgari main iconic collections. On top of counters, two chandeliers by the Italian architect Gio Ponti enlighten the products and the atmosphere.

Adorned with Imperial Saffron shantung silk, the iconic Condotti  showcases on the walls are a further remind for the original ones that are still present in the original historical flagship in Rome Condotti 10, showing stunning one – of – a kind jewellery creation.

From the main area, through  thresholds made by Breccia di Serravezza, the client can access other rooms which are more intimate and warm, where very important client can sit down and see special collections with the utmost privacy. Like in a journey through Bvlgari history, each of them has special echoes or different atmosphere.

Further enriching the shopping experience, a truly personal touch is provided by the exclusive VIC area, where the most precious creations can be viewed in total privacy.  Located at the end of the second room, the lounge is reproduced in the charm of the original  Elizabeth Taylor dedicated room in Rome,  Il Salottino Taylor, where the Hollywood actress spent many hours – escaping from paparazzi through the secret door of the Palazzo. Here the 1960’s atmosphere is created by vintage armchairs inspired by Osvaldo Borsani, coffee tables in onyx and rich carpets.

The key novelty in terms of design concept is the High Jewellery dedicated area: it differs from the other rooms, thanks to the majesty of the columns, a recurring element in the Baroque Roman architecture. It is like a space in the space: an intimate area surrounded by columns creating a rhythm of full and empty spaces. The showcases have been produced in the shape of the ones in the historical rooms of the Roman flagship, formerly hosting the silver collection and antiquities by the Bvlgari family. Enriched as well with Imperial Saffron silk, they turn into symbolic windows overlooking a typical roman sunset. The brand touch is also provided throughout the shop transformed into a Bvlgari art-gallery: walls are decorated with Vintage most famous endorsements of celebrities who have been truly fan or ambassadors of the brand’s Italian exciting lifestyle and with Andy Warhol printed pieces, as a tribute to the collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation for the 2018 Wild Pop High Jewellery Collections.  ITALIAN MASTERY The balance between ancient and new, tradition and innovation, which defines the Bvlgari spirit, is also expressed through the décor and furniture. In a continuous remind to the Italian designers of the 50’s and 60’s, the 230 sqm space houses some furniture carefully selected by Peter Marino himself and conceived by the Italian designers who have had link with the Bvlgari heritage, such as the sales tables by Franco Albini and the marble counters inspired by Carlo Scarpa. Peter Marino did a very clever move in taking those great Italian avant guard designers that were able to give a brave modern twist to noble and classic materials such as bronze or marble. And this is exactly what Bvlgari does with jewels: the combinations of color gemstones and the unexpected use of different materials.


And in celebration of the new boutique, a limited edition Serpenti Forever handbag has been specially created, retailing at SGD 10,500.

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